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Lincoln Quiz


1.  The 1864 White House Christmas dinner was highlighted      

           when Lincoln’s son Tad invited

                (a.) a captured Confederate drummer boy.

                (b.) a wounded Union drummer boy.

                (c.) friend James Taft who brought his pet rabbit.

                (d.) cold and hungry newspaper boys.


2.    December 25 was declared a national holiday by


              (a.) President James K. Polk.

                (b.) President Franklin Pierce.

                (c.) President Abraham Lincoln.

                (d.) President Ulysses S. Grant.

3. Upon Tad Lincoln’s plea, President Lincoln pardoned the 

               to-be Christmas dinner turkey named


              (a.) Jack.

                (b.) Scott.

                (c.) Eliza.

                (d.) Alexander.

4.    President Lincoln purchased toys for Christmas at a store

              near the White House named


                (a.) Baker’s Fun Shop.

                (b.) Woodcraft Toys.

                (c.) Puppets and More.

                (d.) Stuntz Toy Store.